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September 25, 2011

Micromax MMX 310G Data Card Detail

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                          In This Post we discuss about Micromax Data Card

Micromax MMX 310G 3G USB modem and were really pleased with the results of both the software and hardware that came along.
This unit cost only 2200/- Indian Rs and does not have any lock on carrier. You can use it with any carrier worldwide. This modem can be used with any GSM sim card be it Airtel, Docomo or BSNL among various other 3G providers in the country.  It supports HSDPA/UMTS/EDGE/GPRS/GSM. The maximum download speed of this unit is 3.6 Mbps. There are other costlier modems available which offer speeds upto 7.2 Mbps but I don’t think I’ll be able to benefit much from that yet given the current speeds offered by our cellular providers. (As most of the time download & upload speed depend on SIM Service Provider)
You can also use this to read your MicroSD card and as a portable disc drive. Please note that when a card is inserted(opposite side of the SIM tray) the ROM will not appear on your computer.
Note:-  So don’t insert any MicroSD cards while installing.
The second great thing about the software is that it has pre-configured profiles for almost all the network providers worldwide. From AT&T and T-Mobile in the US to Airtel 3G and BSNL 3G in India. You don’t have to worry about the  APN address and phone number to dial etc. Just choose your network from the list and set it as default.
The SIM is installed using a tray which slides out partly. And MicroSD card on the opposite side.

Micromax Data Card Detail’s

Technical Standard   

HSDPA :-  3GPP R5, up to 3.6 Mbps DL and 384 Kbps UL, category 5/6
UMTS :-  up to 384 Kbps DL and UL
EDGE :-  3GPP Release4, class 12, up to 237 Kbps DL and 118Kbps UL
GPRS :-  up to 85,6 Kbps DL and 42,8 Kbps UL

Frequency Band :-   GSM/GPRS/EDGE   850/900/1800/1900 MHz
                                 UMTS   2100 MHz

External Interface  :- Antenna   Internal antenna

USB :-  Standard USB interface: supporting USB 2.0 Full Speed

Power :-  Powered via the USB interface

SIM/USIM Card :-  standard 6 PIN SIM card interface, compliant with 3GPP 31.101 and 31.102

AT Interface :-  3GPP TS27.005/3GPP TS27.007supported

Main Features
Auto-Install Software :-  Supported

Dimension (mm) :-  64.7(D)×25.5(W)×10.6(H) (USB Head not included)

Weight (g) :-  30

One RGB LED :-  RGB LED indicates different state.

SIM/USIM Pin lock :-  Enable/Disable

Simultaneous Operation of SMS and Data service :-  Supported

Operating System :-  Win2000/ XP/VISTA/7, Limited support for MAC/Linux Operating Systems

Phone Book   

Phone Book Capacity  :- 100 in Modem

vCard version :-  2.1/3.0

New contacts :-  Supported

Edit contacts :-  Supported

Delete contacts :-  Supported

Delete contacts :-  Supported

Move between Modem, SIM card and PC :-  Supported


SMS Capability  :- 255 in Modem

Group messages :-  Supported

New SMS :-  Supported

Send SMS :-  Supported

save SMS to drafts :-  Supported

Reply SMS :-  Supported

Forward SMS :-  Supported

Delete SMS :-  Supported

Import from SIM/Modem to PC :-  Supported

Attention   For MAC OS:
1.Mac Book, Mac Book Pro, iMac, Mac Pro or Mac mini (Intel CPU)
2.Mac OS X 10.4.9 or higher 3.Support connection to Internet only .

Speed and connectivity:

This area concern most. But the Micromax MMX 310G does fairly well here. I get 1.4Mbps download speeds and 300kbps upload speeds on my BSNL 3G card And 230Kbps in Airtel 2G, but that depends a lot on the signal strength and other factors. I am pretty happy with the aspect and got no complaints. 

Issues With Micromax :

Well, I cant say it had no problems, I had quiet a few..

Firstly, I had an issue with the device being recognized on Windows 7  machine. I had to reboot and reinstall the software everytime i wanted to connect.

Another major issue I had was its Low speed. After using this device for almost 2-3 month, i was only getting 60-70 kbps. Then a friend suggested a trick,which worked like a charm and i started getting proper 3G speeds. So here is that trick just in case you need it:

After you insert the USB modem into the USB slot and the system recognizes the device, do not connect.  In the Modem manager, go to Settings -> Network Mode ->Select  UMTS/HSPA only.
By default it will be dual, change it. The Device manager may crash, dont worry,just start it again.

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